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Integration: Mazak VC-EZ 20 + Tsudakoma RBS-160RAM

Mazak VC-EZ 20 + Tsudakoma RBS-160RAM

A recent 4th axis installation on a Mazak VC-EZ 20 VMC machine with the Smooth-EZ control. For this application we selected and installed the Tsudakoma RBS-160RAM. This is a new line of high accuracy, high rigidity, energy saving and near zero maintenance rotary tables. The RBS series rotary tables incorporate a new ball drive system that offer near zero backlash, improved cycle times, energy conservation and a lifetime adjustment free system. This table is capable of rapid rates up to 138 rpm and positioning accuracy of +/- 7.5 arc seconds. This model is offered with many accessories including faceplates, chucks, tailstocks and support spindles. The table is shown with the optional faceplate

Technitron Integration on a Mazak VC-EZ 20 with a Tsudakoma RBS-160RAM Ball Drive Rotary Table
Technitron Custom Rotary Integrations VC-EZ20%20-%20RBS160R

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