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Integration: Mazak VC-EZ 20 + Nikken 5AX-4MT-105-120-MAM

Mazak VC-EZ 20 + Tsudakoma RBS-160RAM

A recent 4th and 5th axis installation on a Mazak VC-Ez20 VMC machine with the Smooth EZ control. For this application we selected and installed the 4 spindle Nikken 5AX-4MT-105-120-MAM. This is a high-quality line of multi spindle rotary / tilt tables. The 5AX series rotary tables incorporate a hardened worm sets with high rigidity braking systems and low backlash on both axes. The table is custom built for this machine. This table is capable of rapid rates up to 16 rpm for the rotary axis, 25 rpm for tilt axis and positioning accuracy of +/- 45 arc seconds for the rotary axis and +/- 30 arc seconds for the tilt axis. This model is offered with many accessories including faceplates and chucks. The table is shown with optional hydraulic 5C collet chucks on all 4 spindles

Technitron Integration on a Mazak VC-EZ 20 with a Nikken 5AX-4MT-105-120-MAM Rotary / Tilt Table
Technitron Custom Rotary Integrations Mazak VC-EZ 20 + Nikken 5AX-4MT-105-120-MAM

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