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Rotary Table Repairs

RMA Process to Return and Repair a Rotary Table:

In addition to full interface services, we also supply rotary table retrofits, repairs, and installation assistance. For repairs, we follow a simple process:

1.Contact Us via phone 513-531-2926 or by e-mail and we will send you an RMA form to fill out.

2.  We will ask you a few questions regarding the table and the problems you are having. The questions will include the brand of the table - s/n, manufacturer of the machine tool it is installed on - s/n, control model. Based on this information, we will advise if it makes sense based on age and condition of the table to see if it is a good candidate for repair

3.  If the brand of the table is a product that we support we will send you an RMA form with instructions on where to ship the table. The products we support are Tsudakoma, Nikken, Kitagawa, Troyke, Lehmann and others. We will fill out as much of the information as you have given us. The rest will need to be filled out by you

4.  The rotary table is crated to prevent more damage and shipped prepaid to the address listed on the RMA form. Technitron will do retrofits and electrical repairs in house, If the table requires major mechanical repairs, we use our partner in CT to do this work

5.  When the rotary table is received it will be inspected and an estimate for the repair and time line will be sent to you for approval. At this point you will need to decide to repair, replace or scrap the table (sometimes the cost of repair does not make sense). There is no charge for this evaluation. The inspection of the table normally requires 1 to 2 weeks after it is received. The delivery for the repair will depend on the availability of parts

If you decide to repair the table, we will order the required parts, have the motor evaluated (we have an in-house motor repair facility that will determine if the motor requires any repairs – this cost may not be included in the repair estimate). After the table is repaired it is checked for accuracy by a laser inspection system and an accuracy report is sent with the table. All parts that are replaced will be sent back to the end user with the shipment unless the you decide to scrap them

If you decide to replace the table, we will send you a proposal for a new (as close to the old table configuration as possible) and will be able to set the table up to match the existing table. The old table can be scrapped or shipped back to the end user. In some cases, due to the age of the table, repair parts might not be available

If you decide to scrap the table, we can dispose of it or ship it back to you

6.  Before we can start the repair, we will need a purchase order for the repair. Terms: Net 30 days from shipment of repair with purchase order. For credit card payments please add 5% to the total charges for processing fee. All freight is the responsibility of others

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