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How do you select a tailstock for a rotary table?

A tailstock is designed to support the outboard end of a part and has a movable quill with a center and can be extended and retracted. The tailstock will also include a manual lock to lock the quill after movement. The center height of the tailstock will match the center height of the rotary table. Some tailstock models have an adjustable center height. The method to extend and retract are via manual, pneumatic or hydraulic. The quill travel will vary based on the model of the tailstock. The center may be part of the assembly or removable. The removable centers come in many configurations and typically have a Morris Taper on the end. If the tailstock is pneumatic or hydraulic actuated it normally is controlled via a manual valve or machine M-codes. They also may have a quill extend - retract confirmation switches.

Example of a 4th Axis Rotary Table with a Manual Tailstock Installed on a VMC
Technitron Custom Rotary Integrations A3R-MR250R

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