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Support Spindles

What is a support spindle and how do you select one for a rotary table?

A support spindle is designed to support the outboard end of a part or fixture. The center height of the support spindle will match the center height of the rotary table. The application will determine what type of support you will need. Support spindles can be bearing only or may be supplied with pneumatic or hydraulic brake system. If a fixture is being supported and machining will be done on the support spindle side then a model with a brake should be used. The brake is normally plumbed into the rotary table brake and will clamp at the same time the rotary table brake is on. If the rotary table has a pneumatic brake, then the support spindle will be pneumatic. The same thing will be true for a hydraulic brake on the table, the support spindle will have a hydraulic brake. To determine the total braking force for the system, add the brake force from both units.

Example of a 4th Axis Rotary Table with a Hydraulic Support Spindle Installed on a VMC
Technitron Custom Rotary Integrations F5-EA520L-HE

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