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Multi-Spindle HMC

What is a Multi-Spindle Rotary Table?

Multi-spindle rotary tables that are installed on HMC machines are available with as many as 4 spindles as a 5th / 6th axis model. The 5th / 6th axis rotary tables are available in two configurations. Configuration 1 has a faceplate on the front and rear of the table. Configuration 2 has spindles / faceplates mounted top and bottom on the front and also on the rear of the rotary table. This table is mounted to the pallet in the center of the B axis centerline facing left and right in the load stations. Configuration 2 can be setup with just the 2 front spindles / faceplates setup with the on the center line of the B axis or if a 4 spindle / faceplate is selected it will be mounted the same as Configuration 1. These tables allow the operator to run multiple parts at one time.

Examples of 5th / 6th Axis Multi-Spindle Rotary Tables Installed on HMC Machines
Technitron Custom Rotary Integrations NH-6300_RWB-400K-2-6PRJ Technitron Custom Rotary Integrations A51NX-RT1474SB
Configuration 1 (2 faceplates)              Configuration 2 (4 faceplates)

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