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Axis Designation

Axis Designation:

The axis designation for a rotary table is determined by the type of machine and the mounting location of the rotary table on the machine. On a VMC machine, a 4th axis can be designated as an A (rotates about the X-axis – most common designation), B (rotates about the Y axis – typically a tilt 5th axis) or C (rotates about the Z-axis- if a table is mounted in the horizontal position on it back). On a HMC machine, the 5th axis table can be designated as a C (rotates about the Z-axis – most common designation) or designated as A axis (rotates about the X-axis). The axis name can be designated by the customer provided the axis name has not already been used. Most 4th axis rotary tables are mounted to the right side of the VMC machine rotating about the X-axis (designated as an A). Most 4th and 5th axis tilt tables are mounted to the right side of the VMC machine with the rotary axis rotating around the X-axis (A or C) and the tilt axis rotating about the Y-axis (B). Most 5th / 6th axis tables are mounted to the B-axis on a HMC rotating about the Z-axis (C).

Axis Designation for a VMC and HMC
Technitron Custom Rotary Integrations axis_designation

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