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Kitagawa Rotary Tables

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Kitagawa TC Series NC Rotary Tables

TC Series

5C Manual Collet Table
VMC Integration (4th Axis)
TC100 / TCM100
Technitron Kitagawa MR Series NC Rotary Tables

MR Series

Standard Series Table
VMC Integration (4th Axis)
MR120 / MR160 / MR200 / MR250 / MR320
Technitron Kitagawa T Series NC Rotary Tables

TMX - THX Series

Heavy Duty Clamping Standard Table
VMC Integration (4th Axis)
TMX160 / TMX200 / TMX250 / THX160 / THX200

Technitron Kitagawa T Series NC Large Rotary Tables

TP Series

Heavy Duty / Large Center Bore
VMC Integration (4th Axis)
TP430 / TP530
Technitron Kitagawa T Series NC Rotary Tables

TBX Series

Rear Mount Motor Table
VMC Integration (4th Axis)
TBX160 / TBX200 / TBX250 / TBX320
Technitron Kitagawa GT Series Rotary table

GT Series

Heavy duty Brake Table
VMC Integration (4th Axis)
GT200 / GT250 / GT320
Kitagawa Multi-Spindle NC Rotary Tables

TM - TH Multi Spindle Series

Multi Spindle Table
VMC Integration (4th Axis)
TM2100 /TM3100 /TM2160 /TM3160
TH2100 /TH3100 /TH2160 /TH3160
Technitron Kitagawa Ultra Compact NC Rotary Table

CK - CKR Series

Super Compact Body Table
VMC Integration (4th Axis)
CK160 / CK200 / CKR160 / CKR200
Technitron Kitagawa RK Series Roller Cam Near Zero Backlash

RK Series

Roller Cam Table
Near Zero Backlash
VMC - HMC Integration
(4th or 5th Axis)
Technitron Kitagawa NC Tilting Rotary Tables

TT - TW Series

Single & Multi Spindle Tilt Table
VMC Integration (4th & 5th Axis)
TT101‑TW120 / TT140 / TT150 / TT182‑TW182 / TT200 / TT251‑TW251 / TT321‑TW321 / TW2180
Kitagawa NC Rotary Table MRT200

MRT Series

Standard Rotary Table
HMC Integration (5th / 6th Axis)
Kitagawa TU Series

TU Series

High Performance Rotary Table
HMC Integration (5th / 6th Axis)
TUX200 / TUX250 / TUX320 / TUS400
Technitron Kitagawa Quinte Control Series

Quinte Control Series

Programmable Controller
Single and Dual Axis
VMC and HMC Integration (M-code Indexing)
QTC100 / QTC200 / QTC300
Technitron Kitagawa Options


Tailstocks / Support Spindles
Rotary Joints / Air-Hydraulic Boosters
Technitron Kitagawa General Specifications

General Specifications

Features / Specifications / Chuck Combinations
Scales / Servomotors / Tilting Work Loads / Accuracies
Glossary of Terms